BMW ActiveHybrid 7

A symbiosis of an upgraded twin-turbo, High Precision Direct Injection, V-8 engine with a 3-phase synchronous electric motor gives the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 a combined output of 455 hp and maximum torque of 515 lb-ft.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Toyota Australia confirmed that its rugged and retro-styled FJ Cruiser. The FJ Cruiser is expected to be a popular option for drivers looking for something different, Making its first Australian appearance at Australian International Motor Show.

BMW X3, Premium Sports Activity Vehicle

BMW X3 is new concept market: the small, premium Sports Activity Vehicle with all-road capability and unparalleled driving dynamics. First generation BMW X3 became best seller in the United States and Europe, Over 600,000  original X3 have been sold worldwide with 150,000 sold in the USA.

Nissan NV Commercial Van

In the latest series of Cars Trucks Nissan car company i.e. Nissan NV Commercial Van made his debut for the first time in St. Louis. As we know with Nissan is a dominant in the global commercial vehicle market, Nissan NV Commercial Van is the first truck in the North American market where NV will be built in Canton, Mississippi.

Audi TT Quattro Sport, Punching Well Above Its Weight

The Audi TT has always been a good performer, but with 240 bhp from the latest 1. 8 litre turbo engine, the Audi TT quattro Sport is a real flyer. Mind, it is not the sort of car you just jump into, because it has deep bucket seats that have hardly any padding, so you sort of drop yourself in.

Tips For Getting A New Car

Buying a new car is a chief private expenses and should be taken a touch more gravely than that screen printing class you took senior year. Research and test drive several cars that notice you. Make out a numeral figure of different makes and prototypes you like so there are practicable substitutes if you can’t find a practical price. 

Useful Tips For Tire Maintenance

The condition of your tires of car is important for generating protection. By following these five fantastic guidelines, you can make sure top usage (mileage), secure efficiency and a longer useful life of your tires.

New Honda BR-V, Brave New Worlds

NEW EXTERIOR The new exterior design of the New Honda BR-V features the New Black Front Grille Design, New Front Bumper Design, and New Front Under Spoiler on the front. Meanwhile, the New LED Daytime Running Light and the New Fog Lamp Garnish provide maximum lighting while adding a luxurious impression to the face of the New Honda BR-V.

5 Disadvantages of Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V is one of the cars in the Crossover MPV segment that is the mainstay of the Japanese manufacturer, Honda. Where this car is one of the best options for you who want more capacity, but have a strong and sporty design.